Providing the Educational Opportunities that Change Lives

Mission and Values


Making Waves commits to rigorously and holistically preparing students to gain acceptance to and graduate from college to ultimately become valuable contributors to the workforce and their communities.

Core Values

These five values are the foundation we use to define what it means to be a "Wave-Maker."

  1. Community

    We combine our intellect and critical thinking to support each other and make healthy choices for ourselves and positive changes in our community.

  2. Resilience

    We are agents of change, who, through hard work and perseverance, have the power to define ourselves and to control our destiny.

  3. Respect

    We believe each person is valuable and we demonstrate respect by following our community norms.

  4. Responsibility

    We have integrity; we are accountable for our decisions and actions and their impact on self and community.

  5. Scholarship

    We are life-long learners who aspire to and achieve academic excellence.