Richmond    Artists    With    Talent


    RAW Talent, the creative arts program within the Making Waves Education Program, aims to foster a space for creative expression and self-exploration that will enhance students’ perceptions of themselves as learners, teachers, writers, readers and members of a larger community committed to diverse forms of language and literacy. Through the lens of spoken word poetry, theater, visual art and music, RAW Talent members are challenged to think critically and explore social issues that affect themselves, their communities and others. In a society that promotes conformity and continues to oppress low-income youth of color, RAW Talent creates an alternative educational environment that celebrates students’ identities, cultures, beliefs, emotions and unique voices.

Who   we   are

    Making Waves propels urban, low-income children to the highest levels of academic achievement. Over the past 24 years, we have built an impressive and unparalleled track record in helping underserved students gain acceptance to college and graduate with a bachelor’s degree.